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    PH30L Tester
    pH Tester
    CLEAN PH30L Tester

    Combine the strengths of the tester and portable meter. With convenient, easy-to-read display, excellent anti-interference performance, PH30L is your unprecedented economical choice for portable meter.
    All-weather precise, with resolution up to 0.01pH, Comfortable holding, Easy carrying
    Large LCD with backlight for easy meter information reading
    IP67 rated, dustproof and waterproof, Floats on water
    Auto temperature compensation
    With sensor, 1m cable ensures you precise measuring
    Auto calibration, Simple Operation
    Safe guard to protect the electrode
    Auto lock function
    Auto Power off saves battery after 5-mins non-use
    Economical, easy to operate, cost saving
    Water analysis Lab Industry process Surface water
    Water analysis Lab Industrial process Surface water
    Range -2.00 ~ +16.00 pH
    Resolution 0.01 pH
    Accuracy ± 0.01 pH
    Temp. Range 0 - 100.0 °C / 32 - 212 °F
    Working Temperature 0 - 60.0 °C / 32 - 140 °F
    Temp. Resolution 0.1 °C / 1 °F
    Calibration Point Up to 3 (auto recognized)
    pH Buffer Kinds USA - pH 4.01, 7.00, 10.01
    NIST - pH 4.01, 6.86, 9.18
    Electrode CS1030 3-in-1 pH sensor
    LCD 20*30 mm multi-line crystal display with backlight
    Temperature Compensation Auto / Manual
    Lock Auto / Manual
    Auto backlight off 30 Seconds
    Auto power off 5 minutes without key be pressed
    Power 1x1.5V AAA battery
    Dimensions (H×W×D) 185×40×48 mm
    Weight 95g
    Protection IP67
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