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    PH2000 2-Wire Transmitter
    pH/ORP Controller/Transmitter
    PH2000 2-Wire pH / ORP Transmitter
    Designed for all-weather precise pH / ORP signal transmittance at complex industrial sites. Two-wire design, Symmetrical input, isolated input and output ensures clear, uninterrupted data transmission even in electrical interference environment. PH2000 is your smart choice.
    2-Wire design, remarkably saving cost and space, Isolated input and output.
    User define scaleable 4-20mA outputs for pH/ORP.
    Verify output current online.
    Under measurement range: signal output 3.80mA; Over measurement range: signal output
    Large LCD, with high luminance LED backlight.
    Menu-driven program that simplifies set-up.
    IP65 rated, waterproof and low current, applicable in extreme conditions as in pharmaceutical,
          ferment,petroleum, chemical and light industry process.
    Optimum protection against electromagnetic interference.
    Glass electrode and antimony electrode are selectable to meet different industrial situations or
          HF(hydrofluoric acid) measurement situation.
    Power: 24VDC
    Industrial process Boiler water Circulating water Cooling Water
    Industrial process Boiler water Circulating water Cooling Water
    pH Range -2.00-16.00 pH
      Resolution 0.01 pH
      Accuracy ±0.01 pH
      Signal Input Impedance ≥1012 Ω
    ORP Range -2000~2000 mV
      Resolution 1 mV
      Accuracy ±1 mV
    Temperature Temperature Range -10.0~110.0 °C
      Resolution 0.1 °C
      Precision ±0.3 °C
      Temperature Sensor Pt1000
      Temperature Compensation Automatic/Manual
    Signal Output/load Signal Output 4-20 mA (Adjustable)
      Current Accuracy 1%FS
      Load <500 Ω
      Under measurement range signal output 3.80mA
      Over measurement range signal output 21.00mA
    Others Power 24 VDC
      Working Temperature 0~60°C
      Humidity < 90%
      IP Rated IP65
      Installation Panel Mounting
      Dimensions (H×W×D) 108×108×158 mm
      Panel Cut Size 94.5×94.5 mm
      Weight 0.5 kg
    Model Specification images
    PH2000 pH/ORP Controller/Transmitter
    CS1540 pH sensor Waste water
    CS1543 pH sensor General Purpose
    CS1546 pH sensor High Temperature
    CS1568 pH sensor General Purpose
    CS1668 SNEX pH sensor General Purpose CS1668 SNEX pH sensor
    CS1688 SNEX pH sensor Ultra-pure Water
    CSR168 SNEX pH sensor  
    CS1768 SNEX pH sensor General Purpose
    CS1778 SNEX pH sensor Resisting Sulphides Resisting
    CS1788 SNEX pH sensor Ultra-pure Water
    CS1733 pH sensor General Purpose
    CS1737 pH sensor General Purpose
    CS1753 pH sensor General Purpose
    CS1755 pH sensor Sea Water
    CS1759 pH sensor Complex Environment
    CS1759L pH sensor Low Ion Concentration
    CS1759T pH sensor Gas Desulfurization Precess
    CS2543 pH sensor General Purpose
    CS2733 ORP sensor General Purpose
    CS2755ORP sensor Sea Water
    CS2668 SNEX ORP sensor Water quality, Seawater, Swimming Pool, Sewage
    CS2768 SNEX ORP sensor Water quality, Seawater, Swimming Pool, Sewage
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