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    ORP30 Tester
    ORP Tester
    CLEAN ORP Tester
    Easy ORP testing
    ORP30 Tester is designed for easy Oxidation-Reduction Potential testing.
    You can simply track mV value in the most convenient way.
    Waterproof, dustproof housing-IP67 rated.
    Precise & easy operation, all functions operated in one hand.
    Widest applications: meet your indoor and outdoor water measurement needs, from lab to field
          hrow-out measurement.
    User replaceable plane ORP electrode.
    Large LCD with backlight.
    1*1.5 AAA long battery life.
    Self-Diagnostic for easy troubleshooting (e.g battery indicator, message codes).
    Auto Lock Function
    Floats on water
    Water analysis Swimming pool Waterworks Surface water
    Water analysis Swimming pool Waterworks Surface water
    Range -1000 ~ +1000 mV
    Resolution 1 mV
    Accuracy ±1 mV
    Temp. Range 0 - 100.0 °C / 32 - 212 °F
    Working Temperature 0 - 60.0 °C / 32 - 140 °F
    Temp. Resolution 0.1 °C / 1 °F
    Calibration Point 1 points (Random point full-scale calibration)
    Electrode CS2930 platinum plane electrode
    LCD 20* 30 mm multi-line crystal display
    Lock Auto / Manual
    Auto backlight off 1 minute
    Auto power off 5 minutes without key be pressed
    Power 1x1.5V AAA battery
    Dimensions (H×W×D) 185×40×48 mm
    Weight 95g
    Protection IP67
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