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    The Magnesium Ion Selective Electrode sensor is designed to provide greater accuracy in water hardness, drilling muds, mining, drinking water, mineral water, and sea water. The Mg2+ ISE can also be accurately applied to monitoring total water hardness titrations.
    CS6210Mg CS6510Mg CS6710Mg ( Mg2+ ) A Magnesium Ion Selective Electrode
    Lab Process Process Slope 25 ± 3 mV between 10-100 ppm at 25°C
      PG13.5 NPT 3/4" Reproducibility ± 2%
    CS6210Mg A Magnesium Ion Selective Electrode sensor CS6510Mg A Magnesium Ion Selective Electrode sensor CS6710Mg A Magnesium Ion Selective Electrode sensor Interferences Cu2+, Ni2+, Zn2+, Fe2+
    Tempe. Range 0 to 40°C (if calibrated at that temp.)
    Pressure Range 0 to 30 psi
    Response Time 95% response in 30 seconds
    Storage Long term, store dry; Short term, store in dilute Magnesium standard
    Concentration Range 0.1 ppm to 30,000 ppm
    pH Range 3 to 10 pH
    Resistance 100 megaohms
    Care, Maintenance & Cleaning Treat with distilled water followed by Magnesium standard
    Isopotential Point 1 ppm
    On-Line Capability Yes
    Applications Water Softening Systems, Drinking and Mineral Waters, Sea Water,
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