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    An Ion Selective Electrode sensor specifically designed to measure Ammonia from 0.01 ppm to 17,000 ppm NH3 (5x10-7 M to 1M) concentrations.
    Applications include, but not limited to: High Purity Power Station Water, Fish Tanks, Sea Water, Waste Water, Plating Baths, Biological Samples.
    CS6212NH3 CS6512NH3 CS6712NH3 Ammonia ( NH3 ) An Ion Selective Electrode sensor
    Lab Process Process Slope 56 ± 3 mV between 10-100 ppm @ 25°C
      PG13.5 NPT 3/4" Reproducibility ± 2%
    CS6212NH3 An Ion Selective Electrode sensor CS6512NH3 An Ion Selective Electrode sensor CS6712NH3 An Ion Selective Electrode sensor Interferences Volatile amines
    Tempe. Range 0 to 50° C (if calibrated at that temp.)
    Pressure Range 0 to 10 psi
    Response Time 95% response in 30 seconds
    Storage Long term, store dry;Short term, store in ammonia standard with ISA added
    Concentration Range 0.01 ppm to 17,000 ppm ?
    (5 x 10-7?M to 1 M)
    pH Range Above 11 pH
    Resistance 1000 to 1500 megaohms
    Care, Maintenance & Cleaning Treat with a dilute ammonia standard with pH adjusted > pH 11
    Replace membrane as needed
    Isopotential Point Unknown
    On-Line Capability Yes, pH control required
    Applications High Purity Power Station Waters, Fish Tanks, Sea Waters, Waste Waters, Plating Baths, Biological Samples
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