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    DO500 Meter
    Dissolved Oxygen/TEMP Meter
    CLEAN DO500 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
    Brief and exquisite design, space saving, optimum accuracy, easy operation comes with high luminant backlight. Clean DO500 is your brilliant choice for routine applications in laboratories, productions plants and schools.
    Occupy less place, Simple Operation
    Easy-to-read LCD Display with high luminant backlight
    Unit display: mg/L or %
    One key to check through all the settings, including: Zero offset, slope and all the settings
    Clark cell mode, long lifespan
    150 data sets memory stores and recalls
    Auto Power off saves battery after 10-mins non-use
    Detachable Electrode Stand organizes multiple electrodes neatly, easy installing at either left or right       side and holds them firmly in place
    Saturation Percentage Range 0.0%~400.0%
      Resolution 0.1%
      Accuracy 0.2% F.S.
    Oxygen concentration Range 0.00 mg/L~40.00 mg/L
      Resolution 0.01 mg/L
      Accuracy 0.2% F.S.
    Temperature Range when compensating:0.0 C~50.0 C
    when testing:0.0 C~50.0 C
      Resolution 0.1°C
      Accuracy 0.5 C
    Atmospheric Pressure Range 600 mbar~1400 mbar
      Resolution 1 mbar
      Default 1013 mbar
    Salinity Range 0.0 g/L~40.0 g/L
      Resolution 0.1 g/L
      Default 0.0 g/L
    Environment Humidity -5°C~60°C, Relative humidity<90%
    Dimensions 140*210*35mm (W*L*H)
    Weight 630g
    Package Dimension : L*W*H 340*275*105mm    Weight : 1.5kg
    MDO500 Meter + CS4051 -3m Dissolved Oxygen Sensor + CA500 Electrode Bracket set+ CP500 Universal Power Adapter
    MDO500 Meter CS4051 -3m Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Package Dimension
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