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    DH30P Professional Dissolved Hydrogen Meter
    CLEAN DH30 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
    DH30P Professional Dissolved Hydrogen Meter
    The new dissolved hydrogen tester DH30P, with a measuring range of 0- 8 ppm (mg/L) and temperature compensation function.
    DH30P is designed to measure the partial pressure of dissolved hydrogen based on polarography principle.
    Hydrogen molecule in hydrogen water enters the electrode chamber filled with electrolyte through selective semipermeable membrane of electrodes. Under polarization voltage between anode and cathode, current related to the concentration of dissolved hydrogen is generated. With temperature compensation, the concentration value of dissolved hydrogen is obtained. The measurement range of this DH30P is up to 8 ppm. It can be assured to selectively measure dissolved hydrogen without interference from other reducing substances.
    The results of measurement can be compared with those of Gas Chromatography.

    DH30P Applications:
    All kinds of dissolved hydrogen water concentration measurement, including hydrogen atomizers, and hydrogen generators.
    Concentration measuring range 0.000 - 8.000 ppm (mg/L)
    Resolution 0.001 ppm (mg/L)
    Accuracy ±1.5 %
    Temperature °C,°F optional
    Temp. Range 0 - 75.0 °C / 32 - 140°F
    Auto Temp. Compensation 0 - 75°C
    Temperature °C,°F optional
    Sensor CS6933 replaceable dissolved hydrogen sensor
    LCD 20*30 mm multi-line crystal display with backlight
    Backlight ON/OFF optional
    Auto power off 10 minutes without key be pressed
    Power 1x1.5V AAA7 battery
    Working Environment 0°C - 75°C, Relative Humidity: <90%
    Protection IP67
    Dimensions (HXWXD)185 X 40 X48mm
    Weight 95g
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