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      DH30 Dissolved Hydrogen Tester
      CLEAN DH30 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
      DH30 Dissolved Hydrogen Tester
      DH30 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter : To measure Hydrogen Rich water, Dissolved Hydrogen concentration in the Hydrogen water generator.
      DH30 is designed based on ASTM Standard Test method. The precondition is to measure the concentration of dissolved hydrogen at one atmosphere for pure dissolved hydrogen water.
      The method is to convert the solution potential into the concentration of dissolved hydrogen at 25 degrees Celsius. The measurement upper limit is around 1.6 ppm.
      This method is the most convenient and fast method, but it is easy to be interfered by other reducing substances in the solution.
      Application: Pure dissolved hydrogen water concentration measurement.
      CLEAN DH30 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
      Concentration measuring range 0.000-2.000ppm
      Resolution 0.001 ppm
      Accuracy +0.002ppm
      Temperature °C,°F optional
      Sensor CS6931 replaceable dissolved hydrogen sensor
      LCD 20*30 mm multi-line crystal display with backlight
      Backlight ON/OFF optional
      Auto power off 5 minutes without key be pressed
      Power 1x1.5V AAA7 battery
      Working Environment -5°C - 60°C, Relative Humidity: <90%
      Protection IP67
      Dimensions (HXWXD)185 X 40 X48mm
      Weight 95g


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