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    DH200 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
    CLEAN DH200 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
    DH200 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
    Portable DH200 Dissolved Hydrogen meter: To measure Hydrogen Rich water, Dissolved Hydrogen concentration in the Hydrogen water generator. Also it enables you to measure the ORP in electrolytic water. Precise and applicable, no need for calibration. 1 year sensor warranty .
    Concentration measuring range 0.000-2.000 ppm or 0-2000 ppb
    Resolution 0.001ppm
    Accuracy ±0.002ppm
    Battery 2*1.5V 7AAA battery
    Working Environment -5℃-60℃,Relative Humidity<90%
    Dimensions 94*190*35mm (W*L*H)
    Weight 250g
    CLEAN DH200 Dissolved Hydrogen meter
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