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    CON200 Meter
    Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity/TEMP Meter
    CLEAN CON200 Conductivity / TDS / Salinity Meter
    Designed for all-weather precise. CON200 meter offers different application solutions. This meter is your ultimate choice for Conductivity / TDS / Salinity / Temperature.
    All-weather precise, Comfortable holding, Easy carrying , Simple Operation
    65*40mm, large LCD with backlight for easy meter information reading
    IP67 rated, dustproof and waterproof, Floats on water
    Measuring range: 0.000 us/cm-400.0 ms/cm, Automatic range switching
    Unit display: us/cm;ms/cm,TDS(mg/L), Sal((mg/L),°C
    One key to check through all the settings, including: cell constant, slope and all the settings
    Auto lock function
    150 data sets memory stores and recalls
    Auto Power off saves battery after 10-mins non-use
    2*1.5V 7AAA battery, long battery life
    CP337 Operating Carrying Pouch
    Economical, easy to operate, cost saving
    Pure water Boiler water Waste water monitoring Electroplating
    Pure water Boiler water Waste water Electroplating
    Conductivity Range 0.000 uS/cm~400.0 mS/cm
      Resolution 0.001 uS/cm~0.1 mS/cm
      Accuracy 0.5% F.S.
    TDS Range 0.000 mg/L~400.0 g/L
      Resolution 0.001 mg/L~0.1 g/L
      Accuracy 0.5% F.S.
    Temperature Range -10.0°C~110.0°C
      Resolution 0.1°C
      Accuracy 0.5°C
    Power Power supply 2*7 AAA batteries
      Working time >500 hrs
    Others Humidity -5°C~60°C, Relative humidity <90%
    Dimensions 94*190*35mm (W*L*H)
    weight 250g
    Package Dimension : L*W*H 340*275*105mm    Weight : 1.5kg
    MCON200 Meter + CS3001 Conductivity Sensor(K=1.0) + CP337 Carrying Pouch
    MPH200 Meter CS3001 Conductivity Sensor CP337Carrying Pouch Package Dimension
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