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    Online Turbidity Analyzer
    TB5000 Online Turbidity Analyzer
    TB5000 Online Turbidity Analyzer
    The on-line turbidity meter (hereinafter referred to as the meter) is an on-line water quality detector with microprocessor.It is an industrial on-line measuring instrument designed for measuring turbidity of municipal sewage, industrial wastewater treatment process, water plant, etc.
    90*50 mm Large color LCD display
    Data Recording /Curve display/Data upload function
    Multiple automatic calibration
    Double high resistance measurement mode, stable and reliable
    Manual and automatic temperature compensation
    Three relay control switches
    High & low alarm and hysteresis control
    4-20mA x2 &RS485 Multiple output modes
    Multi parameter display simultaneously shows
    Password protection to prevent misoperation by non-staff
    Measurement range 0~400~2000~4000NTU
    Measurement unit NTU;mg/L
    Resolution 0.001NTU
    Basic error ±1%F.S
    Temperature 0~50℃
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
    Temperature Basic error ±0.3℃
    Current outputs Two 4~20mA,20~4mA,0~20mA
    Signal output RS485 MODBUS RTU
    Other functions Data record &Curve display
    Three relay control contacts 5A 250VAC,5A 30VDC
    Optional power supply 85~265VAC,9~36VDC,power consumption≤3W
    Working conditions No strong magnetic field interference around except the geomagnetic field.
    Working temperature -10~60℃
    Relative humidity ≤90%
    Waterproof rating IP65
    Weight 1.0kg
    Dimensions (W*H*D) 144×144×118mm
    Installation methods Panel Mounting, Wall Mounting
    Concentration Low Turbidity: circulation type
    Sensor Model No. CS7800D CS7801D
    Measurement range 0~20NTU 0~200NTU
    Principle 90°scattering
    Light source 850nm
    Housing material SS316L,POM
    Cable length 5m
    Connection terminal
    Dimensions 400*300*170mm
    Weight About 5.5KGS
    Installation Wall-mounted
    Flow Tank size 220*150*80mm
    Flow Tank Installlation Wall-mounted
    Flow Tank weight About 1.0KGS

    Concentration Middle Turbidity High Turbidity
    Sensor Model No. CS7820D CS7821D CS7830D CS7832D CS7833D
    Measurement range 0~400NTU 0~2000NTU 0~4000NTU 10-4000NTU,
    with self-cleanning function
    2-4000NTU, double beam with self-cleanning function
    低濁 低濁
    Principle infrared light 90° infrared light 180°
    Light source 850nm 850nm
    Housing material SS316L,POM SS316L,POM
    Thread NPT3/4" NPT3/4"
    Cable length 10m 10m
    Connection terminal terminal
    Dimensions 220* φ50nm 220* φ50nm
    Installation Immersed Immersed
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