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    Online Suspended Solids Analyzer
    SS5500 Online Suspended Solids Analyzer
    SS5000 Online Suspended Solids Analyzer
    Water supply plant (sedimentation tank), paper mill (pulp concentration), coal washing plant (sedimentation tank), electric power (slurry sedimentation tank), sewage treatment plant (inlet and outlet, aeration tank, reflux sludge, primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, concentration tank, sludge dewatering).
    90*50 mm Large color LCD display
    Data Recording /Curve display/Data upload function
    Multiple automatic calibration
    Double high resistance measurement mode, stable and reliable
    Manual and automatic temperature compensation
    Three relay control switches
    High & low alarm and hysteresis control
    4-20mA x2 &RS485 Multiple output modes
    Multi parameter display simultaneously shows
    Password protection to prevent misoperation by non-staff
    Measurement range 0~500~5000mg/L ; 0~50~100g/L (can be extended)
    Measurement unit mg/L ; g/L
    Resolution 0.001mg/L ; 0.1g/L
    Basic error ±1%F.S
    Temperature 0~50℃
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
    Temperature Basic error ±0.3℃
    Current outputs Two 4~20mA,20~4mA,0~20mA
    Signal output RS485 MODBUS RTU
    Other functions Data record &Curve display
    Three relay control contacts 5A 250VAC,5A 30VDC
    Optional power supply 85~265VAC,9~36VDC,power consumption≤3W
    Working conditions No strong magnetic field interference around except the geomagnetic field.
    Working temperature -10~60℃
    Relative humidity ≤90%
    Waterproof rating IP65
    Weight 1.0kg
    Dimensions (W*H*D) 235×185×120mm
    Installation methods Wall Mounting
    Concentration Low
    Sensor Model No. CS7840D
    Measurement range 0.1-200mg/L
    Principle 90°scattering
    Light source 850nm
    Housing material SS316L,POM
    Cable length 5m
    Connection terminal
    Dimensions 400*300*170mm
    Weight About 5.5KG

    Concentration Middle High Middle-High
    Model No.
    CS7850D CS7851D CS7860D CS7862D CS7863D
    Range 2~500mg/L 2~5000mg/L 10-50000mg/L 10-50000mg/L,
    with self-cleanning function
    double beam
    with self-cleanning function
    Principle infrared light 90° infrared light 180°
    Light source 850nm 850nm
    Housing material SS316L,POM SS316L,POM
    Thread G3/4" G3/4"
    Cable length 10m 10m
    Connection terminal terminal
    Dimensions 220* φ50nm 220*φ50mm
    Weight 1.2Kg  1.2Kg
    Installation method Immersion / submergence Immersion / submergence
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