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      PB200 Lead Ion Detector Download Precision Water Lead Measurement In 4 Minutes
      · 0.1μg/l ( ppb ) Resolution for water lead (Pb2+)
      · One measurement within 4 minutes
      · Measurement results match up with ICP-MS method's
      · Leadership Disposable Nano-Gold Sensor Technology
      · Easy operation for non-professionals
      Lead in tap-water and drinking-water
      Lead ions are dissolved by water in aging faucets and water conveyance pipes, and residual chlorine will enhance the lead ion dissolution effect. This is one of the largest sources of water lead.
      Heavy metal lead is particularly harmful to human beings, especially pregnant women, infants and children.
      According to WHO Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, the lead concentration of drinking-water / tap water should be under 10 ug/l, and the weekly intake volume of adults should be under 3mg/ per week.
      Operation Manual
      Parameter Water Lead Concentration
      Application Tap Water, Drinking Water
      Range 0 -200.0 μg/l
      Resolution 0.1 μg/l
      Repeatability 95%
      Sample Demand 0.20 ml
      Measurement Period 195 Seconds
      Principle ASV
      Electrode Disposable Lead Sensor
      OPTemperature 5°C ~ 40°C
      OP Humidity < RH85%
      Weight 380 g
      Dimensions 12.5*8.5*2.5 cm3
      Disposable Nano-Gold Sensor
      PB200 Package
      CSPB200 Lead Sensor Pack x10
      - Disposable Nano-Gold Sensor
      - 0.2 ml Pipette
      - Sample Tube
      (with 0.2ml Electrolyte)
      Standard Sample
      Charging Equipment
      - Adapter 100-240V / 5VDC
      - Charging line
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